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The philosophy of Star Center is built on the concepts of teamwork and personal success. Teamwork is defined as contributing to the whole and helping others. Success is defined intrinsically, by setting realistic personal and team goals, then striving to achieve them. We will use objective performance measurements to chart success as much as possible. The athletes are taught that success comes from within, from what they have control over, like achieving a skill or hitting a routine to the best of their ability at the given moment. We also stress that mistakes are lessons from which to learn and improve.

Whether your child is a beginner or an Olympian, the goal is the same… for each member to have an enjoyable and rewarding experience participating in one of the world’s toughest, yet most beneficial sports – gymnastics.

Top Coaches

Our team coaches are truly unique in the gymnastics community. Selected for their care and expertise, Star Center has one of the best coaching teams in Texas. Their experience and knowledge is unsurpassed. Their record of competitive success is strong. They are true professionals that care about each team member and desire that they fulfill their potential.

Our Teams:  Pre Team, Level 4-5, Level 6, Level 7-10

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