All Star Cheer Team

Our goal is to give the youth of our community a fun, safe environment for them to not only learn a sport, but also foster the development of their character by encouraging community involvement, leadership, self-discipline, self reliance, and personal accountability.

Family comes first at SAE and we do our best to respect your family time and try our hardest to leave your weekends as relaxing time FOR YOU! We would love for you to come and join our SAE family and help us develop strong and empowered youth within our own community.
At South Austin Elite we believe in coaching with compassion. We do not discourage, yell, belittle or intimidate our athletes to get them to perform skills. We truly believe all kids are capable of self directing and self discipline regardless of their age and or abilities. This is a very foreign concept for some athletes and can look a little chaotic at first, but in the end we feel our athletes are all stronger competitors and citizens as a result. 



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